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The flair you need to succeed.

We help individuals stand out.

We help startups build a go-to brand.

We help companies outshine competition.

We help governments reach out to the masses.

We help make events & campaigns unforgettable.

So... What is Jeopp?

Jeopp is a creative agency that specializes in design, communications, and marketing.

We create and renovate brands and all associated material to help you gain a stonger market presence. We focus on simplicity, clarity, professionalism, and timelessness to bring you the brand and styling that you need to rise throughout the ages, and successfully reach your target audience.

Wether you are a startup, SMB, large business, government entity, promoter or organiser of public events, NGO, NPO, academic institution, media outlet, an individual or a group of individuals looking for true exposure - it all begins here - with the Jeopp touch.

Jeopp™ is a trademark owned by Koerigg Enterprises.

Our sky-high values.

At Jeopp, we'd like to reestablish the value of graphic design in our region.

We also want to remind the world that true quality should never be additional, it should always be inherent in all services we humans provide each other, and subject to no compromise.

On that note, we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our set of unquestionable ideals:

1. Only the topmost quality for our customers - because you deserve nothing less.

2. Diversity and total equality - because true potential lies far beyond cultural and gender barriers.

3. Upholding the highest health & safety standards - because everyone should.

4. Giving back to our community - because that should be the primary goal of business.

5. Continuous improvement - because we live to learn how to be better.

The Unforgettable Experience.

Jeopp strives to earn an unparalleled reputation in the world of graphic design.

Such a goal requires only the most competent, motivated profiles.

With a fresh, young leadership, a unique corporate culture fueled by passion rather than economics, and a potential too great to measure, Jeopp can prove to be the best choice you've ever made.

Interested? We're always eager to check out new talent! Shoot us your CV at Protected Email. Some positions do qualify for virtual work options.

Our Services

in the

| Branding

You're a force to be reckoned with. You need that cutting-edge brand at the forefront of your activities. We got it :)

Brand Identity Development

It can make or break you. A lot goes into it, and we'd be happy to walk you through it.

Brand Strategy & Management

A brand is no one-time show. It's an endless process of crucial decisions.

Brand Marketing & Promotion Strategy

Part of the strategy - knowing when, where and how to promote your brand is key.

| Promotional

Reach your target audience by hitting the right notes - a marketing & communications strategy that will succeed.

Print & Stationary

From business cards to posters, and from magazines to packaging - we design all print-ready material for you.

Ad Campaigns

Billboards, flyers, brochures, websites, social media - we create and bring everything together strategically.

Designer Apparel

We've recently started specializing in apparel design. Let us give your team/brand the flair it needs to stand out.

| Digital

Today's day and age demands an aggressive digital strategy. Bold and brazen, we're as agressive as they come!

Video & Photo

Photography, video editing, montage, motion graphics / animation to get your message across efficiently.

Web & Apps

The very latest in web design. Stunning websites, UI/UX for mobile/desktop/web apps, whatever the complexity.

Digital Marketing

One of today's biggest marketing channels, the internet, is a must for your success. We master it!

Latest Projects


Here are some of our latest works, including brands and names we renovated, enhanced, or built from the ground up.

Check them out!

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